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A.Z. Bio


A.Z. Bio

STAGE PRESENCE - THAT'S THE MAIN THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT A.Z.    The Show - It's like a big party and everyone is invited.

A.Z. was born in Brooklyn, New York in Flatbush on 428 E. 46st. in an old apartment building.  Born to Anne and Rick and the rest of the neighborhood.  A.Z. knew he wanted to be a comedian at the age of 7 while going to the Poconos and the Catskills watching the performers thinking this is the life I want.

A.Z. is a comics comic. He likes to see the other comics do well.  He likes to see the audience enjoy everyone.

A.Z. will tell you comedy is an art form, a craft that has to be perfected. Being a comedian is one thing, that's off the stage but being a stand up comic is on the stage and telling jokes that make the audience listen and want more is finding out how to tell everyone what you think about things in a way that makes them laugh.  He makes you feel good about yourself.

A.Z. is known to be a high energy style comic, running up on stage.  Very low key off the stage, very energetic on.

A.Z. is known for his distinctive voice that is easy on the ears and he has extreme idiot like qualities. It's hard to tell if he's smarter than everyone or just that dumb.  He says "hey, I'm never said I was Alvin Einstien."

Every audience feels as if they have known A.Z. their whole life after seeing him perform. You feel as if you are part of his family. One family from Texas said A.Z. is so loveable you don't know if it's o.k. to hold him, kiss him or feel sorry for him but one thing you do know is he's very special.  You picture everything he talks about and you sometimes laugh more at his antics before you even hear the punchlines.  The people next to us said there can't be a school teacher in the world that would admit he was in their class.

His act is high energy original clean material, no cursing, no sex and every minute just gets better the longer he goes.  He makes fun of himself first then proves we live in the greatest country but we don't have the smartest people then admits to selling things from every hotel he stays in to pick up extra money on the road.  Personally A.Z. likes the dirty comics such as Otto and George ( a nice guy and a puppet with a dirty mouth cursing him out).

Nobody could be more humble and friendly when you staple him down to talk.  Shying away from people, if you talk to A.Z. he will talk to you all night and try to know you forever after.   He loves introducing people, he knows a lot of people that are stars but he treats everyone as if they are a big star.  That's what he does on stage as well. He makes the audience feel good about themselves.  

He has a character named Bongo Bill, a beatnik that thinks he is going to be on Johnny Carson and the Ed Sullivan show and it's the 1960's. Owners often ask to let Bongo Bill in the set but it's only a 5 minute character and A.Z. always in 3rd person says Bongo Bill will only do guest spots. A few times people see me in my home town clubs where Bongo Bill goes up and they ask me why I was lazy and didn't go up.

How ironic A.Z. the comedian has seen more shows than anyone and wouldn't touch a microphone because of his voice has finally went on stage and found out it's his hook.  It's natural and fun.  It's truly a blessing to have him on the stage.

So far every club A.Z. has performed in has asked him back. He says no matter what IT'S ALL ABOUT RESPECT"

A.Z.  "Just my luck, the one and only day I ever went to the nudist beach and it was senior citizens day"

Mike  "A.Z. is original and funny and doesn't even ever go blue"

Marissa "He is so loveable everyone wants to take him home after the show"

Kirk  "He mesmerizes the audience, they can't take their eyes off of him"

Kendra "I used to only like def comics but anyone, any color, sex, age, race loves A.Z. "

Tamara "my girlfriend and I asked him to go out once after a show and he froze up, we wondered if he was the same guy"

Kevin  "When he said he wasn't Alvin Einstein; It was an understatement. I think he even said he couldn't read his mind"